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Life is a concert II by heartless0romantic Life is a concert II :iconheartless0romantic:heartless0romantic 0 2 Another fatal wreck by heartless0romantic
Mature content
Another fatal wreck :iconheartless0romantic:heartless0romantic 7 28
Upper East Side High V
Somehow, I felt overwhelmed by fear. Terror. A feeling of suppressed anxiety, threatening to burst out. I looked around me but nobody was there. Just me. Me, the darkness and soft whispers floating gently through the air, barely audible yet frighteningly clear. Noises… coming from every dark corner. An amalgam of diffuse sounds, reaching my ears and sending chills up and down my spine.
Someone was after me, I could feel it…still, nobody was there. Where was I… why was I here..?
Sweat. I could feel sweat drops running down my neck, to my collarbone. Why did I feel that a place so apparently peaceful was so incredibly chaotic? I turned around and inhaled sharply, feeling the anxiety build up inside of me.
“Where are you?!” I felt the words escaping from my mouth as if someone else had spoken for me. “Come out, face me!”
Anger took over me rapidly. “There’s nothing wrong, relax…” I whispered to myself. Yet everything seemed to
:iconheartless0romantic:heartless0romantic 5 35
Insipid sighs of a supposedly untarnished world
Fleeting by my jaded thoughts.

The hopeless expectation of a better life
Tearing my every dream apart.

Take it all away, my love.
Make the sunset dawn in my heart
Make it all withdraw, my love
Speak to the demons in my head
Haunt my every secret dream
Wake my every shattered hope
Fight my every fragile fear
Fix my every broken oath
Shake my world from its beliefs
Steal my every brittle breath
Break my every daunting doubt
Raise the sun for me once more
In a blue eye rests my love
Scatter it all over you
Share it with the earth above
As I fell under the world we knew
:iconheartless0romantic:heartless0romantic 6 40
Smile. It hides everything.
“Who am i?” Should be the question.
“Why am I here? What is my goal?”
Unlike many others, ironically lucky enough to bathe in a pool of blissful ignorance, I am perfectly aware of what my goal is: making people smile… laugh, cry, think, suffer, doubt, sing, hate, possess, LIVE.
And then just disappear from their lives. That is what I was born for.
Sounds sad, doesn’t it… Being caught in my own ephemeral existence, with no escape, no fleeting chance of hope, which, theoretically, is supposed to spray eternal.
I am mearly a pragmatic passenger through this long, bumpy journey called life. Here to observe, take notes like a perfectly raised 7th grade student, fixing what needs to be mended and destroying what needs to be ruined.. Then disappearing in the dark like an actor who has finished saying his lines and gets thrown off the stage against his will.
Why? I wish I could   answer that engaging question. Sometimes I fight. Struggle to sta
:iconheartless0romantic:heartless0romantic 11 38
Imagine me and you by heartless0romantic Imagine me and you :iconheartless0romantic:heartless0romantic 20 29
Upper East Side IV
“Oi! Where’s my breakfast?”
I tried to ignore Steve’s annoying remarks and hid my face deeper in the pillows. This morning started too early off anyway. Or so it felt.
“Yo, get up, I’m friggin hungry!”
Kicking the side of the bed in anger, I took the pillow and placed it over my head, hoping to get rid of the high pitched tone of a hungry fourteen year old boy. And my night went so well, considering that I had a pleasantly freakish dream which included Michelle and Liz having an oil wrestle to win a free trip to Rio De Janeiro.
“Gaah, just put some milk in a bowl, you fucking moron…” I mumbled and buried my head completely beneath the pillows.
“Fuck you, you’re the only mom I’ve got so get your ass up and fix me something to eat before I go to school!”
Judging by the loud volume of his increasingly annoying voice, I figured he was in my room already, probably sitting on the floor and holding on to his tummy, in a wel
:iconheartless0romantic:heartless0romantic 5 25
Bang Bang you're dead by heartless0romantic Bang Bang you're dead :iconheartless0romantic:heartless0romantic 7 69
Upper East Side High III
“You’re gaga over this chick” said Liz while we were crossing the street to reach 5th Avenue. She flipped her hair and looked at me with an ironic smile. Her tight Anarchy t-shirt managed to make any man passing by, sneak a peak at her curvy forms.
I smiled and took her hand in mine, thinking to myself that even though this girl’s madly annoying at times, she’s the best friend I ever had. Smart enough to start a political world war, beautiful enough to get everyone’s attention when she wanted to, clumsy enough to break an entire china shop without the help of a bull, stubborn enough to make you feel like she’s always right and persuasive enough to make the Pope rent a hooker for the night. This girl was the pure incarnation of evil, in a beautiful outfit. And I loved her for that.
“I’m not… gaga. Over anyone.” I replied and pulled her from in front of a car. I got so used to her clumsiness that I didn’t even bother to reproach
:iconheartless0romantic:heartless0romantic 8 18
Walk away
Look at me now, have you had enough?
Do you love me now, when you're not so tough?
Do you want me now, when my soul's destroyed?
Do you fear me now, when i am your lord?
Look at me i said, you worm!
Let me see you dig and squirm,
Let me watch you beg and plead
Listen to me, hear me scream!
No, not me, my soul within..
You don't know me well enough
To see that inside i'm not tough
I'm a weak fuck, did you know?
But i never let it show
Look at me you bitch! you fake!
Like being tied to a chair leg?
Well i don't give a flying fuck
Cause it's me you always mock
Suffer next to me i said!
Get out of my mind and bed
I have no one, i'm alone.
I have no one, bitch. We're done.
:iconheartless0romantic:heartless0romantic 4 24
A one way ticket to heaven
"Do you love me?"
A husky voice on one faded night.
Tears kept behind just for the bravery of it.
"I love you."
Hands gripping.
The air around suddenly feeling heavier.
"Then let's do this."
Two pills. Two fragile girls. Two glasses of water.
One gulp.
One way ticket to heaven.
:iconheartless0romantic:heartless0romantic 7 48
Upper East Side High II
Math class went perfectly well… if you can describe “well” by “staring at the hot girl in front of me and wondering why the hell I’m even doing that”.
At the beginning of the class, Michelle simply sat in the desk closest to the blackboard, and asked me to sit behind her so she can turn around and ask me something if she doesn’t understand the lesson. The problem was that I had never actually sat in a front desk, let alone understood anything the teacher was babbling about in front of the blackboard.
I simply crashed in a random desk situated at the bottom of the room, and started wtiting songs, poems, or simply stared at the window wishing I was out there, not trapped in this damn cell. Math.. has always been too easy to concern myself with it. But the moment Michelle’s ocean blue eyes pierced me, her request for me to sit right behind her seemed perfectly doable.
So there I was, stuck in the second desk, staring at her long, brown reddish hair
:iconheartless0romantic:heartless0romantic 6 32
Upper East Side High
“Hey check out who’s here” Liz said while trying to put her guitar plectrum in one of the many pockets existent all over the surface of  her jeans.
My gaze darted across the hallway to find that all students stopped to stare at the girl who was slowly making her entrance. Her long, shiny hair seemed to be perfectly arranged, softly reflecting in the lights on the corridor. Everybody turned around and stopped as she smiled and walked steadily, holding her Prada bag close to the stylishly black overcoat she was wearing. Her eyes smiled along with her every time, managing to captivate anyone who would dare look straight into them. How typical… So tall, so red haired, so blue eyed, so well dressed, so perfectly shaped, so god damn confident, so perfect in everyone’s eyes. A goddess.
It made me sick.
“Myeah…” I yawned and stretched my arms, looking ironically at Liz, who was still trying to find a pocket while staring at the redhead passing
:iconheartless0romantic:heartless0romantic 3 10
Fight Part II
I almost burst into laughter when I saw my grandfather’s surprised face the moment he opened the door just to find a young teacher holding a little boy’s hand, his clothes stained with blood.
“oh Lord…” he said with a long sigh and I couldn’t help chuckling.
“sir, your boy -”
“I know, I know.” He interrupted her. “thanks for bringing him.”
My eyes darted from my teacher’s worried face to my grandpa’s understanding one. A frown appeared on his wrinkled forehead as he grabbed my hand and pulled me inside.
“sir, listen.. I know we’ve been through this, but maybe a special school’s all he needs..”
I saw him rolling his eyes and once again felt like bursting into laughter.
“he’s perfectly normal, trust me. He’s just a bit more sensitive than all those other boys, that’s all..”
“Mr Jones.. he doesn’t even talk..”
“he does talk, woman! This boy can outsmart al
:iconheartless0romantic:heartless0romantic 2 5
I hated school. All those happy, confident faces of the parents sending their kids to classes at the beginning of the year, all those fake smiles all over the teachers’ expressions while walking into the classroom, so well plastified onto their being that you wouldn’t even notice how much they hate their jobs. All those awkward moments when everyone’s dads came on to the parents’ meetings, wearing elegant Armani suites, ties, holding their wives by the hand in one fake attempt to make everyone think they’re so happy together, and so pleased with the results of their only spoiled child.
Sometimes I just stood there, leaned against the entrance gate, watching, noticing, absorbing every image of the normal life I wished I could have. Cold, hard, shiny plastic. But normal.
It was yet another day, another day of plain torture, of amused faces looking curiously at me, of people trying to look concerned about me, or even worse, of pure, undivided.. pity.
I let out a s
:iconheartless0romantic:heartless0romantic 3 11
Lost by heartless0romantic Lost :iconheartless0romantic:heartless0romantic 4 18

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